S.T.A.R. CLASSIC SERIES – Glass Railing Systems

The S.T.A.R “Classic” railing glass system offers a clean elegant look with a continuous top rail running over railing support posts below. The system is constructed from sturdy architectural aluminum alloys and coated with a maintenance free powder coated finish.

The system is available in both 36” & 42” rail heights with your choice of different types of “infill options” and rail designs to suit your project needs.

The tempered glass infill design gives you a clear unobstructed view while offering protection from the wind. Typical application utilize a clear tempered glass infill options however tinted glass or obscured glass options are available.

Consult your S.T.A.R.representative for additional information.

Refer to S.T.A.R. color guide for available color options. The engineered system meets stringent North American Building codes. We invite you to visit our photo gallery.