Why Choose S.T.A.R. as Your Railing Supplier and Partner

STAR Aluminum Rail Dealer Testimonial
    1. We offer you and your customers the most versatile aluminum railing product on the market today. Keep your customers happy and satisfied with ease of application of the S.T.A.R. patented railing systems. The systems adjustable stair rail takes the guess work out of stair railing installations our customers love it so will yours! A pleasant experience using the S.T.A.R. System will keep your customer coming back for more…..increasing your companies railing sales volumes and your bottom line.
    2. The systems modular (KD-knock down) design saves you time and money! The system’s ease of installation saves you time and money on labor. The knock down design will also save you money and damage claims over shipping bulky welded railing systems.
    3. With infinite number of product offerings and color choices. S.T.A.R. has a railing system to meet your next project needs. We offer a range of product offering from our standard product offerings to custom/design built capabilities. One stop shopping offering in house fabrication and painting (AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605 compliant). No job is too big or too small.
    4. S.T.A.R. has the Expertise to help you with your railing project needs from start to finish. Including, but not limited to, product design, project design, C.A.D design services, engineering assistance and installation assistance, we have the resources and experience to guide and service you throughout your railing projects.
    5. Ask us about out S.T.A.R. Quick Ship Program offering shelf ready bulk product offerings on our standard product lines, giving you short lead times to you and your customers.
    6. Our sturdy heavy duty product design meets engineering and Code Compliance for stringent North American building codes. We have the proven ability to meet 2009 IBC criteria in the USA; and meets or exceeds NBC (National Building Code of Canada).
    7. Over 40 years of Proven Success selling and marketing railing product to our established North American dealer and distribution base. Satisfying repeat customer base of contractors, engineering and architects. We have hundreds of thousands of feet of railing installed throughout The North American marketplace.
    8. All our products are backed and protected through our S.T.A.R. Warranty Protection Plans, offering three product warranty programs to meet your customers needs.
    9. Our railing product line compliments maintenance free backyard decking products giving you opportunity to boost your sales and companies profitability.
    10. Good old fashion values offering quality products and service maintaining highest level of professionalism and integrity.


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