Custom/Design Built Aluminum Rail & Fence Systems

S.T.A.R. for all your rail and fencing needs. We are your custom/design built railing vendor of choice!

Our S.T.A.R. dealer network can handle ALL  your custom/design built railing needs from simple residential  custom railing systems components needs – to the  most complex railing custom design needs.

With our full service capabilities from product design, engineering assistance and full production including, but not limited to:

  • Custom welding
  • Tube bending
  • Water jet cutting
  • Custom colors and coating…we can do it all.

If your project is a large scale  commercial  high rise tower consult your S.T.A.R. dealer to discuss our  abilities to design and build a railing  for your specific project needs.

We do it all – railing, fencing, privacy dividers, sunscreens  and more.

For all your custom/design built railing needs, forward your job specifications and blue prints to your nearest S.T.A.R. dealer so we can help with your production needs.

Thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to be your railing vendor of  choice  to serve your railing needs.