Why Buy S.T.A.R.

Why Buy S.T.A.R.

S.T.A.R. Aluminum Rail is manufactured by East & West Alum Craft of Vancouver, B.C.

East & West Alum Craft Ltd.  has been manufacturing aluminum railing for over 45 years.  Out manufacturing facilities cover 65,000 sq feet, which allows us to manufacture over 1000 lineal feet of custom railing per day.  We offer a wide range of products from balcony rails, fencing, trellises and handrails.  Our product is a custom welded system that will stand the best test of time.  We have completed projects across North America.

We will work hand in hand with Architects, developers, and Contractors to design a railing system, which is not only a key element of most projects as well as being cost effective. The railings are manufactured and welded using wither 6061 or 6005 marine grade alloys.

We then paint with one of our two in house automated powder coat systems. We offer two types of paint, the Z series, which is a super-durable UV resistant paint, of a SOLAR series which is a flu carbon based paint that meets 2605 specifications if required.

Our company offers the best aluminum railing on the market.  Most of our growth has been repeat Architects’, Developers and Contractors that have had a chance to see out product in the field.



Design Professionals – Architects

Why S.T.A.R. Rail


Learn about the benefits or our Snap Tight Aluminum Rail system, and why our products are a superior solution for your home. Here is a mixed collection of our outstanding installations representing different styles of railing in both residential and commercial applications.


Technical Resources

Check out our wide assortment of styling designs. We have just the right rail pattern for your specific needs. Our resources include helpful links relating to our aluminum products and other trends in the industry.
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Color Choices


Choose from our vast array of powder coated colors to compliment any aspect of your home. Our warranty will provide the security you seek to know we stand behind our products for the long term.

Dealer Profile: Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum Systems

Located in Shakopee, Minnesota MVAS is a U.S. distributor of STAR systems, as well as other outdoor living products. Jim Buker is the General Manager of this business which has sold STAR systems in the Midwest for ten years.

In addition, MVAS sets up other dealers throughout the country as STAR dealers and distributors.