Dealer Testimonials

The following testimonials come from satisfied dealers of the S.T.A.R. Aluminum Rail System.

Windeck, Ltd.
Winnipeg, MB

Windeck Ltd. has been in the deck and railing business for 33 years. About 18 years ago we recognized a growing demand for maintenance free products and started researching those products that would match our own expectations of quality.STAR Aluminum Rail Dealer Testimonial

We examined many railing products but the final decision was an easy one. STAR Aluminum was the best looking system, with the heaviest and sturdiest construction. The picket style actually locks the pickets in place, top and bottom, thereby effectively doubling its strength. The glass railing is the easiest system in the marketplace to assemble, yet still retains the STAR Aluminum strength and style.

They also offer a wide array of colors and styles which is a very important feature for our customers. Windeck has been part o the STAR family for over 17 years. Their products and support have helped us grow to be the largest deck and railing company in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario in the commercial, residential and cottage marketplace. Our goal is to sell value over price. The STAR Railing system allows us to achieve that goal.

Our installers love the ease of assembly. Our sales staff love that STAR is willing to customize virtually anything required to suit any situation.

We heartily endorse the STAR Railing System. Their support system is second to none. It is the prefect fit for any home builder, cottage and residential dwellers as well as General Contractors. Should any individual wish to discuss our experience with the STAR system, they are most welcome to call or email – provided below.

Mel Dueck, President
Windeck, Ltd.

Phone: 204-231-2741

Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum Systems Inc.
Shakopee, MN

“The market demands for exterior maintenance-free building products started emerging in the 1980’s. Right along with the growing demand for decking and fence that were virtually maintenance-free, was the demand for railings that could replace the traditional high-maintenance iron and wood products.

After researching existing manufacturers of aluminum railing products, it was an easy choice to start conducting business with STAR (Snap Tight Aluminum Railing) which is manufactured by East & West Alum Craft Ltd. The STAR System is, by far, the best product we have found in the market.  It’s an industrial strength railing that can accommodate both the residential and commercial markets.

Their wide offering, of both color and styles, is an easy sell to our customers.  It’s best feature is that you don’t need an abundance of hardware to assemble the sections, it virtually “snaps” together, and the stair sections pivot so they basically rack to any grade or pitch.

Best of all is that our competition cannot compete with the design and quality of the STAR aluminum system.  Minnesota Vinyl and Aluminum Systems Inc. has been in the STAR family for over 15 years and has hundreds of miles of railing on homes, high rises, restaurants, senior centers and apartments across the country and we have never had a dissatisfied customer.

We love that call-backs are basically non-existent. We would recommend the STAR System and/or East & West Alum Craft Ltd. (manufacturing) to any general contractor, builder or home owner that is in the market for a superior railing system.”

Jin Buker, President & CEO
Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum, Inc.

Alba Railing
Oshawa, ON

“We’ve been handling and installing S.T.A.R. System products for over two decades.  The feedback from our customers alone has convinced us that we made the right decision.

The STAR System railings don’t rust and the maintenance-free powder coating is guaranteed for 20 years.  The system is very user-friendly to install.

This is the perfect application for balconies, porches, decks, fences, gates and columns.  Being able to customize colors in addition to our four base colors (White, Black, Sandalwood, Ontario Grey) makes it easy to satisfy all of our  customers.

This product is the perfect maintenance-free solution for the busy society of today.”

Frank Risorto, President
Alba Railing
Phone: 888-725-2522
Oshawa, ON